She continues clutching pitifully at the earth, wishing for solid ground

[Spoiler warnings for all three routes of Fate/stay night and Fate/hollow ataraxia. Content warnings for assault, self-harm, suicide and abuse.]

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Stheno and Euryale, Medusa’s sisters, on the role of destiny and the breaking of it.

In Fate, Servants are summoned into the world through use of a ritual, a binding to bring them into the world using the magic of the Holy Grail to fuel and sustain them, with a catalyst to bring you close to gaining a specific Servant you wish for. Shirou Emiya’s is embedded in his chest, the sheath of Excalibur, Avalon, held within him, drawing Arturia Pendragon close, even with an impromptu ritual. Sakura Matou has nothing like this. Her grandfather…

The Emptiness of Isaac Clarke

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“Last time I was here, things didn’t go so well.”

Horror is found in many different spaces, through haunts and creeps and in noises coming through vents. Isaac Clarke is an engineer, a working class guy who chose to go on a mission to repair a spaceship because he was worried about his girlfriend. That’s what you get from Isaac at the start of Dead Space, and it’s enough to carry you through the game. He’s here to fix what he’s told to fix and find his girlfriend. And that’s what he does. Every interaction is him being told somewhere…

She keeps appealing to the unconcerned world about her pain

[Contains spoilers for the entirety of Fate/stay night, especially the final route, Heaven’s Feel]

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Shirou Emiya contemplates his future, and the costs of his ideal.


Fate/stay night is a visual novel focused on the harm the past can inflict upon the future. Archer is an older, alternate version of Shirou, thrown throughout time to perfectly fulfill an ideal inherited from his father — to endlessly save people, killing everyone who stands against him, saving as many lives as possible. It’s Kiritsugu’s impossible ideology, spoken before his death to an adoring child, carried out unflinchingly and without error. And the image of himself as a superhero, something he’s dreamed about having the…

Kim Bellwoods

dumb girl and type-moon fan working on words

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